11665 McKinley Hwy Osceola IN 46561

About Us

The Wiener Shack & Grill was created out of an idea in November 2008 after Doug Murray found out that he was being laid off from a corporate job he had relied on for 11 years.  Doug and his wife Jacqueline created a business plan that was executed 6 months later in April of 2009.  It began with a hot dog stand, a small New York style cart shipped from Miami, FL.  Jacqueline’s unique menu creations, a focus on customer service, and consistence in quality were (and still are) the foundation of The Wiener Shack.

Street vending and local events paved the road for catering.  Each year over the next five years, catering continued to grow.  They saw that they were limited to 150-200 people with the hot dog stand and customers needed more which led to the emergence of their food truck in 2014.  After scouting the country for the perfect truck, one was found in Miami, FL already built out and ready to serve.  The truck is a Grumman/Olson and was origianally built in 2006 in Sturgis, MI, built as a chip delivery truck and being used in Louisiana.  But being shipped up like the hot dog stand,  this was driven up from Miami 1300 miles.  The next couple of years this addition had helped further expand the catering side of The Wiener Shack to serving 500+ in a couple hours time.

By this time, in 2016, more prep space was needed.  So a building was purchased to meet the growing demands. This is currently a commissary for the hot dog stand and food truck.